"Saving the SECURITY/IT/AV/GV/ACESS/IDS/COMMAND & CONTROL/TV/Radio Industry…one system at a time”


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About us

Dal Media Solutions Inc. (DMS) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated small business with key technical, logistic, and operational personnel on staff. With over thirty years of field experience, employees of Dal Media Solutions are familiar with a wide range of technological industries. 

We provide turn-key solutions for command and control, broadcast, television, radio, security systems, Physical security access, telecommunication, Giant Voice, CCTV, VI management, VTC, IP-based solutions and programming around the world for our customers.
​Dal Media’s proven and battle-tested team brings an added cost savings to the Navy and our other customers by providing a “one stop shop” for service needs.

Dal Media’s 24/7 support staff has been providing solutions and support for
Government agencies and Universities around the world.

We have helped Government agencies such as US Navy, USAF, US Army, USMC, US State Department, NRC, and DOE, around the world to meet mission requirements for the past 10 years.

Our Team is strong in the areas of digital system design, assessment, data management, broadcast engineering, audio/video support, studio lighting, including statistical analysis, data information retrieval and dissemination, design, implementation.

​Through proven methods, DMS has created the strongest level of quality assurance and control procedures, which enhances our communication within our relationship with each

individual client.